Health Check-up Clinic

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Health Check-up Clinic

Health check-up patterns offered at the Hospital are varied. They are
carefully designed to suit our patients and their family members’ individual
conditions, be their gender, age, risk factors from work and genetics, guaranteed
by the Hospital’s high standard of medical technology and “One Stop Service”
motto to ensure that our customers are accorded quick attention, accurate and
reliable check-up results. We excel in delivering our services to our customers with
utmost attention in every aspect by our team of doctors and nurses and other
medical staff amidst comfortable ambiance conducive to health check-ups.
Consequently, you will feel relaxed as the clinic itself is separated from other

Our Medical Services
Various programs for health check-ups are provided for both Thai and
foreign customers and have been designed to suit each individual’s needs and
necessity: Screening examination to assess preliminary health risks in a One Stop
Service style; Control and prevention of risk factors of illnesses through useful
advice imparted by specialists in the relevant areas; Consultations on program of
treatment related to previous illnesses; Nutrition and exercise for daily life; Risk
factors of diseases; Genetics problem (family history); Check-up examination for
or extension of work permit; Annual health check-ups.

Health Check-Up Services

  • Check-up for the general public
  • Check-up for Contract Partner’s Office Staff, both before admission and on an
    annual basis.
  • Check-up prior to concluding life insurance contract.
  • Check-up for travelling purposes
  • Check-up in case that health certificate is required.
  • Check-up for customers who are prone to high risks at work, i.e., in airtight
    environment, in high altitude, in cuisine, commercial driving as well as general
    check-ups in factories.
  • Vaccination