Ophthalmology Clinic

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Ophthalmology Clinic

This Clinic provides care and treatment services for all eye-related diseases
ranging from general eye symptoms to symptoms that require specific specialists.
We are equipped with a variety of ophthalmologists and eye specialists in various
areas using modern equipment for both diagnostic examination and treatment.

The Clinic’s ophthalmologists and eye specialists are available to help tackle
all problems concerning the eyes, such as:
• Cataract
• Retina
• Eye disease in children and strabismus (squint)
• Iritis

Our Services

  1. Comprehensive Vision Tests
  2. Vision tests for children
  • Vision and lazy eye screening in children
  • Examination, treatment, and ophthalmic surgery in children
  • Examination, treatment, and ophthalmic surgery of eye muscle in both
  • children and adults
  1. Small incision cataract removal by ultrasonic machine with intraocular
    lens implantation.
  2. Eye screening examination
  3. lid spa
  4. Pterygium Surgery
  5. Cataract Surgery

Examination Room and Medical Equipment

  1. Computerized vision tests machine
  2. Intraocular lens measuring machine
  3. Intraocular pressure monitoring machine
  4. Corneal curvature meter
  5. Retinal imaging machine
  6. Laser machine
  7. Ultrasonic machine